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Video: Is the John Lewis economy a cover for privatisation?

13 March 2012

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Corporate leaders are sharing in these enormous riches which are sucking away the wealth employees are creating and bathing in it themselves.

David Erdal

In the third part of Matt Black's interview with David Erdal, the champion of employee-owned business and author of Beyond the Corporation: Humanity Working airs his concerns over government rhetoric around mutualisation

In the 1970s they were the largest providers of banking services in the UK, and reaching further back they comprised the largest proportion of food retailers. Nowadays though, cooperatives and mutuals are perceived to be on the peripheries of the business world.

Following the credit crunch, governments, policy makers and business leaders are looking for new ways of organising business and many are re-examining a business principle that has its roots in the 17th century. 

Recently, Nick Clegg and David Cameron jumped aboard the bandwagon, proclaiming that Britain needed to transition to a 'John Lewis economy'. Is this revival good for employee-owned business or just more hot air? Matt Black asks David Erdal, employee-ownership champion, for answers.

David Erdal is non-executive director of Baxi Partnership and Author of Beyond the Corporation. If your business is interested in becoming employee-owned, you can contact Baxi Partnership on 0845 680 6702, email or visit their website to find out more.

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