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On 5 October 2011 - 10:59pm

An important publication is launched today by The Social Investment Business. As Chair, I commissioned one of my trustees – former City banker and then chair of BTCV, Dr Rupert Evenett – to conduct an analysis of the state of the UK social investment market, and to look at the record of social finance so far.

He and co-author Karl Richter have produced an important contribution to the debate about extending loan finance for our sector .

The unique element of this review being that it is written from two perspectives – from the " bottom-up" perspective of third sector organisations and entrepreneurs as well as from a financial perspective, seeking comments and insights from social lenders like Triodos and Social Finance as well as commercial financial institutions such as Deutsche Bank and RBS.

The whole project has been sponsored by our friends CityUK, who represent the financial services industry, which shows how seriously traditional commercial lenders are ...more

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On 4 October 2011 - 4:43pm

The final gig; the Tory conference in Manchester. I'm down to speak at 6 fringes and a roundtable so its hard work- and all that essential networking.

Yesterday was the last of the 3 ncvo-acevo fringe meetings. Slightly more energised than the other 2 as Charlie Elphike MP was speaking and rather roused the room with criticising CEO pay and us campaigning. He said he fully supported our independence; but surely its our campaigning that ensures that very indepencne. Anyway dame Clare Tickell took him to task. That saved me to doing this- and I had to get to a round table on welfare to work ...

I met the usual round of ministers and the like. Eric Pickles MP greeted me warmly "hello comrade" he said! And I had a brief word with the Prime Minister. (I've become "Steve" ).

The evening was rounded off rather late with dinner with my team and Richard Hawkes CEO of SCOPE. We found ourselves sandwiched between Damien Green, his wife and Nick Robinson of the BBC on the ...more

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On 30 September 2011 - 5:46pm

I suppose the irony of the Express newspaper front page on Tuesday was lost on Mr Desmond ( proprietor of same ) . Atop the screaming headline: "New lottery to make Britain better" was a promotion involving a free chocolate wagon wheel!

And strangely, in their supposed reportage of the launch of the new lottery , there was no mention of the criticism of it.

So Daily Express I challenge you to cover this story properly. And in the meantime good luck to the journalist academic who has reported them to the Advertising Standards Authority for a flagrant breach of the ASA Code. I shall be writing to the ASA myself to back this complaint. We cannot have the Express and Star using their reportage to plug the lottery of their owner .

And an offer to the Editor of the Express. Allow me space to say why I am concerned about the new Lottery. And cover this on your front page to show you can report news fairly.

I think there is an issue about whether the society ...more

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On 30 September 2011 - 5:38pm

Recovering from Liverpool in the calm and delight of the English countryside at its most glorious: the Cotswolds. Cameron's constituency so a neat run up to the Tories next week in Manchester.

The autumnal colours, the sun and the harvest preparations! The Hound and I are out for a picnic in the woods and lanes around Ditchley Park, a fine Jacobean mansion house that once served as a Lodge for Elizabeth and James to enjoy the Wytchwood Forest stags and deer hunting.

So as we head into the weekend here are some images from our walk.


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On 29 September 2011 - 11:02am

So its farewell Liverpool. A stunning city; all the more beautiful when its bathed in glorious sun. I had a few hours before the train and as the Roman Catholic Cathedral was just around the corner from my hotel I went to visit this remarkable modern Architectural gem designed by Gibberd.

But the plan was to build something much more grand. Lutyens had designed what was to be the worlds largest Cathedral. If built it would have dwarfed the Anglican cathedral being built along Hope St. The Lutyens crypt however is complete and shows just how massive this Cathedral would have been.

Liverpool RC Cathedral


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On 28 September 2011 - 10:23am

Not going to bed till 2 is not to be recommended. Especially when one is getting older. Though lots of deals, contacts and networking. Its the essence of what a third sector leader needs to do. Pushing the cause. Getting ideas. People who share your ideals and can help you in pushing your organisation. Though whether this is a healthy way to do it must be questioned. I do at least remember the golden rule; don't drink too much. And given that most of what gets served at fringe meetings is not that appetising that works for me!

I'm now at a pause; sitting in the late evening sun. By Albert dock- Liverpool is a brilliant city and the glories of our once omnipresent Empire are all around.

I was up early (far too frankly) to speak to the Leader of Liverpool City Council. The Social Investment Business has invested over £11.5m in 47 projects around Liverpool. We have generated extra funding through our loans and had a significant social impact. So we want to work more ...more

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On 27 September 2011 - 10:12am

Unpacked. Packed. Now in Liverpool. Arrived in time for another of the CityUk - SIB lunches; this time with Angela Eagle MP (although in the end she was a no show!). The lunch was in the gorgeous Hope St Hotel and on the balcony you get a fabulous view of the 2 great Cathedrals; as seen here!

Must say I prefer the Anglican!

Then into the conference, some media on the Desmond lottery (he is only giving 20p to charity- not 28p as the national ...more

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On 23 September 2011 - 4:46pm

Now where would you judge social innovation but in a 17th century church!

The judging panel

The church

There has been a star judging panel and presenters, including the vice President of the European Parliament. My good friend Oliver Rothschild has come over to join us, though he , like me , has been rather wilting in the heat.

Of course with the wonders of technology you are never far from the UK news and so spent some time talking to The Times on the disgraceful new development ...more

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On 22 September 2011 - 2:42pm

I've donned my Euclid hat ( it's European so lots of gold braid) and arrived in Naples for the Euclid AGM, our international innovation conference and competition.

Since Euclid ( the European third sector leaders body ) was established in 2007 by the 3 founders in the UK, France and Sweden, we have come a long way. Now established as a key influencer in Brussels on financial matters relating to civil society; it has been particularly effective in arguing for social investment support for civil society.

On Nov 18 th Commissioner Barnier and 2 of his Commissioner colleagues will hold a conference in Brussels and we expect an announcement of a new initiative on social enterprise and innovation . I have blogged previously about the work we have ...more

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On 22 September 2011 - 12:58pm

I spoke at the SIB-RSA fringe meeting- very well attended, with the witty Ben Page and frenetic Matthew Taylor and journalist Mary-Anne Seigert . I challenged the delegates on public service reform, pointing out the example of that great liberal William Beverage who regretted how far the third sector was pushed to the margins in the welfare state reforms. I suggested that reform of our public service is a great liberal cause; championing the cause of citizens and communities against the monopolistic state service. I said I was disappointed by the attitude of the Lib-Dems on health service reform and their failure to back the right to challenge. Surely it can't be right to oppose change that increases choice for citizens, and allies with traditional vested interests not communities! I seemed to get some support for this point from the meeting.

Rather disturbing news of the leaks from education about advisors in the Department sending private emails to avoid the terms of the ...more