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On 6 October 2011 - 4:05pm

All we have willed or hoped or dreamed of good shall exist;
Not its semblance, but itself; no beauty, nor good, nor power
Whose voice has gone forth, but each survives for the melodist
When eternity affirms the conception of an hour.
The high that proved too high, the heroic for earth too hard,
The passion that left the ground to lose itself in the sky,
Are music sent up to God by the lover and the bard;
Enough that he heard it once: we shall hear it by and by.

- from “Abt Vogler,” by Robert Browning

“All we have willed or hoped or dreamed of good shall exist; not its semblance, but itself…”

We keep dreaming; we keep hoping; we keep believing in the good.  Always strive for the truth, for it is a beautiful truth; and live your days in accord with this goodness.  Robert Browning indeed leads us into a simple, pure path to Heaven, right on Earth.

Robert Browning (1812-1889) is a well-known Victorian ...more

On 6 October 2011 - 3:39pm

Rise and Social Enterprise UK, who have to-date run the Social Enterprise Mark Company as a joint venture, today announced changes to its ownership. Rise will now become the sole shareholder, while Social Enterprise UK will continue to support the Mark Company through promoting the Mark nationally.

Social Enterprise UK is to concentrate its efforts on growing the market for social enterprise, attracting more partners from mainstream business, the third sector and the public sector through campaigns, influencing, and growing the evidence-base for social enterprise. The national body said with the company established and the number of Mark holders growing, it was confident to transfer the running to Rise, which has robust and ambitious business plans for its future. Social Enterprise UK will promote the Mark as the accreditation for social enterprise.

Lucy Findlay, Managing ...more

On 6 October 2011 - 3:00pm

The tragedy is that the government has adopted a laissez-faire approach to the delivery of the big ­society. It has claimed that if the state stepped back, and social enterprise was incentivised (not least by the “Big Society Bank”), then the civic sector would grow itself – and there is no doubt that, in some parts, that will be true. But there is no civic infrastructure on which to base this ­innovation. It required a retail offering – every town or village or locality should have had its own big society platform where people could go for advice and input, and where the new powers in the Localism Bill could be explained and augmented with civic expertise, training in social entrepreneurship and the delivery of public service.

This a quote from a lengthy piece in the current issue of the ...more

On 6 October 2011 - 9:13am

Fusion21 win Regeneration & Renewal Awards 2011

Social Enterprise Mark holder Fusion21 have won the award for ‘Boosting a Local Economy’ at this year’s Regeneration & Renewal Awards, beating off all other competition. BBC News night economics editor Paul Mason presented Fusion21 with their award at the event in London last week.

The Regeneration & Renewal Awards is now the only awards programme dedicated to celebrating the work of all parts of the regeneration sector, from economic development to the ...more

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On 5 October 2011 - 9:59pm

An important publication is launched today by The Social Investment Business. As Chair, I commissioned one of my trustees – former City banker and then chair of BTCV, Dr Rupert Evenett – to conduct an analysis of the state of the UK social investment market, and to look at the record of social finance so far.

He and co-author Karl Richter have produced an important contribution to the debate about extending loan finance for our sector .

The unique element of this review being that it is written from two perspectives – from the " bottom-up" perspective of third sector organisations and entrepreneurs as well as from a financial perspective, seeking comments and insights from social lenders like Triodos and Social Finance as well as commercial financial institutions such as Deutsche Bank and RBS.

The whole project has been sponsored by our friends CityUK, who represent the financial services industry, which shows how seriously traditional commercial lenders are ...more

On 5 October 2011 - 8:00pm

Livity at work
Watch this...

This week I've been thinking about young people and like a centaur looking to the skies I have been following the Conservative party conference hunting for signs of growth and job creation.

Today I met up with women leaders and much of our conversation was around the plight of our own young people, stuck at home, unemployed or doing internships for nothing with no prospects in site. As the progeny of very capable, clever women the young people in question are University graduates with outstanding degrees. We worried about would become of their aspirations and enthusiasm, and pondered questions ...more

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On 5 October 2011 - 6:59pm

A quick shout-out to The Tiziano Project, an entrant in the Citizen Media competition, for winning the Community Collaboration award at the 2011 Online Journalism Awards Banquet for their work promoting collaborative journalism in Iraq. The project provides community members with the equipment, new media training, and global connections needed to cover and share underreported — and otherwise undocumented — stories of injustice in their lives.


Posted By Changemakers blogs
On 5 October 2011 - 5:10pm

Voting has opened for the Partnering for Excellence competition! After careful deliberation, 10 top finalists have been chosen from 265 entries, representing the most innovative and scalable solutions for STEM education that best exemplify the goals of the competition. 

These cutting-edge initiatives and projects are boosting STEM-rich learning in schools by building partnerships that connect schools with STEM talent and re-envisioning how to engage students in STEM subjects. They will help students analyze today’s problems, imagine tomorrow’s solutions, and translate innovative ideas into action. Check out the 10 finalists and vote for your favorite entry by visiting the competition site. (Or use our handy ...more

On 5 October 2011 - 4:05pm

“There are two types of people: those who see difficulty in every opportunity, and those who see opportunity in every difficulty.”

– Winston Churchill

Be, see, and live opportunity.

Sir Winston Churchill (1874-1965) is a well-known British statesman, who led the country as Prime Minister during World War II.  He is known for his wit, his oration, and his wide range of talents: in addition to political and military service, he won a Nobel Prize for Literature and was a talented painter.


On 5 October 2011 - 8:59am

Livity at work
Watch this, it moved me to tears...

This week I've been thinking about young people and, like a centaur looking to the skies, I've been following the Conservative party conference searching for signs of growth stimulation and job creation.

Today I met up with a group of women leaders and much of our conversation was around the plight of our own young people, stuck at home, unemployed or doing unpaid internships with no prospects for paid work in site. As the progeny of very capable clever women, the young people in question are university graduates with good degrees. We worried about what would become of their ...more