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Posted By Bubb’s blog
On 26 May 2011 - 11:42am

I did some joint commissioning last night with my friend ( well she is till she reads my report! ) the President of the Royal College of GPs, fiesty Clare Gerada.

We had both been at a dinner at Deloitte for doctors and ACEVO members and as we both live in Lambeth we decided to get a cab home. I mused on whether we should do a procurement exercise and stop 3 taxis and see what offered the lowest price, but in the end we went for spot purchasing and as I live in brixton and Clare in Kennington she got a free ride. Is that cherry picking I wondered?

The dinner, and session before was excellent. ACEVO is undertaking a review with ippr on how the third sector relates to GPs. There has been concern amongst members that GPs are not acquainted with the full scope of the sector. Our role in delivery as well as advocacy and advice, research and volunteering and community development.

We had a lively discussion. Clare herself is well up on the sector- indeed does ...more

On 26 May 2011 - 7:53am

Danny Kruger, who was giving evidence to the PASC alongside Lord Glasman, Polly Toynbee and Shaun Bailey, left a very interesting comment on my blog yesterday about the hearing. He suggests I have got the wrong end of the stick and provides some essential context to the comments that Maurice Glasman made about Locality.

I am certainly prepared to accept if I am wrong and have, as Danny says ‘got the wrong end of the stick’. I did reveal in my blog that I was not following the hearing, but rather picking up the reports on twitter from others who were. No one is disputing whether the comments I quoted were said, so the issue appears to be whether or not they were taken out of context. Or perhaps it simply highlights the importance of being aware of how social media is changing the way news travels and the way it is communicated.

Anyway, I wanted to respond to the points Danny ...more

Posted By The New Pioneers
On 25 May 2011 - 7:10pm

Guest contribution from Anant G. Nadkarni, Vice President Group Corporate Sustainability, Tata Council for Community Initiatives, India.

Long before terms like “values” and “sustainability” became business buzzwords in the West they were already being implemented by an Indian corporation: The Tata group, founded by Jamsetji N. Tata in the late 1890s, is today going on over 130 years of emphasizing themes of governance, sustainability, values and ethics.

Jamsetji N. Tata wanted to build a pioneering enterprise that willingly shouldered nation building and community development. Early in the 20th century, when India was still ruled by the British, Tata group built India’s first steel plant, first hydro-electric power plant and the first luxury hotel in India, the now famous Taj Hotels. The group also funded the ...more

On 25 May 2011 - 5:04pm

“Love Many, Trust a Few, And Always Paddle Your Own Canoe”
–Terri, from Coudersport, PA, as seen on Dark Chocolate Dove Wrapper

Terri has it right.  What a joy to enjoy dark chocolate, which I love, with a truly inspired quote.

Life affords us so many ways to love, and how important we keep doing so.  At the same time, we have to be careful, and so Trust, or entrusting ourselves to others, perhaps must be a bit more rare.  I wish it weren’t so…however, everyone is on their pathway of personal growth.  So we must honor them, honor ourselves: We should always love, but not necessarily entrust to others.

As far as paddling one’s own canoe.  As my Oma says, “You’d better put a little elbow grease into that.”  She was always ensuring she had pulled her weight. In fact, when I went over to Oma’s for a sleepover as a young child, even at the age of 8 or 9, our fun together — was working together.   We ...more

Posted By Community Money
On 25 May 2011 - 12:47pm

We would like to acknowledge the support we have received from Payplan, the free debt management organisation, which has sponsored the printing of the training guides we use for our Community Money Advocates programme.

PayPlan offers free debt management plans, IVAs and telephone advice and works together with grassroots organisations like Community Money.


Posted By The BSSEC blog
On 25 May 2011 - 9:55am

A ‘perfect partnership’ between a social enterprise and training company is tackling youth unemployment by helping city youngsters launch careers in the logistics industry.

Each year, Mill Wharf-based Enta CIC provides vocational and foundation skills to hundreds of city teenagers who have struggled to gain qualifications or a job.

And seven teenagers who have progressed with Enta to NVQ Level 1 are now heading into employment and completing a Warehouse and Storage apprenticeship thanks to LATA Training - the Logistics Apprenticeship Training Academy – in Gooch Street North.

As part of the course, the apprentices start work with one of LATA’s ‘host ...more

On 25 May 2011 - 8:19am

News filtered out on twitter yesterday that Maurice Glasman – the recently ennobled Labour peer and academic, closely involved with Citizens UK – had launched a no-holds barred attack on Locality, the organisation awarded the contract to deliver the government’s community organisers programme. Third Sector magazine journalist Kaye Wiggins reported as Glasman described Locality as  “toffs”, “paternalistic” and “well intentioned busybodies”.


I was hugely surprised by Maurice Glasman's comments. He knows better than that....or at least he should. Locality’s Jess Steele, who manages the Community Organisers programme, responded robustly in her blog, pointing out that Locality’s 600 ...more

Posted By Changemakers blogs
On 24 May 2011 - 9:02pm

Save the date! Ashoka’s Changemakers® will host a #SocEntChat for our Asia community on Tuesday, May 31, from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. IST (yes, that’s Indian Standard Time!). No matter where you are in the world, please join us for a discussion with innovators, social entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts. We hope you will!

#SocEntChat participants will have the opportunity to discuss the state of the global economy, as well as the latest market innovations around lasting economic growth in Asia.

This #SocEntChat comes on the heels of the successful May 17 discussion about market-based solutions to create economic opportunity for disadvantaged ...more

Posted By Nat Wei's blog
On 24 May 2011 - 5:30pm

Today the following statement was issued on the Cabinet Office website, which I’ve copied in here:

‘Lord Wei has announced he will stand down as the Government’s Adviser on Big Society to take up a new role with the Community Foundation Network driving practical development of Big Society ideas in communities.

‘Lord Wei has played a crucial role in developing the cross government programme of reform that is devolving power to citizens and communities and supporting them to make a difference. He remains a committed advocate of the Big Society and will continue to champion the cause of social action in the House of Lords.’

The Prime Minister added:

“Nat has worked incredibly hard over two years to help develop policies that support the Big Society. He has played an important role in delivering key initiatives like Community Organisers, National Citizen Service, and the Big Society Bank. I wish him every success in his new role with the Community Foundation ...more