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Posted By Ed Mayo's blog
On 30 December 2014 - 10:35am

William Hazell, who died in the year I was born, was a miner and co-operative writer and activist from South Wales. His biography has been published recently, written by Alan Burge. It is an extraordinary read, full of the hope, integrity and compassion that has sustained the co-operative sector as a social movement over a long period of time.

Of himself, Hazell commented that he had been ‘on the anvil for most of his life, and taken many a hammering’. Alongside his work as a miner came his participation and writing as a co-operator, involved through the local co-operative society and in networks from South Wales to the national federal associations, the Co-operative Wholesale Society and the Co-operative Union, where I work today.

The greatest wonder of Wales and Glamorgan, he believed, was “the co-operation of a million of its people in the co-operative soceities of its towns and cities. Confident in ...more

On 29 December 2014 - 5:05pm

boxing-546143_640“Young man, young man, your arm’s too short to box with God.”

-James Weldon Johnson

James Weldon Johnson was born on June 17, 1871, in Jacksonville, Florida.  Johnson distinguished himself equally as a man of letters and as a civil rights leader in the early decades of the twentieth century. A talented poet and novelist, Johnson is credited with bringing a new standard of artistry and realism to black literature in such works as The Autobiography of an Ex-Coloured Man and God’s Trombones.  He founded the Daily American newspaper in 1895, passed the bar in 1897, and wrote the song, “Lift Every Voice and Sing.”  ...more

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On 29 December 2014 - 9:00am

(This week's slogan) ...more

Posted By Ed Mayo's blog
On 27 December 2014 - 10:30am

A Christmas gift is Russell Brand’s book, Revolution. Charismatic or controversial, comic or serious, I don’t know, but it is certainly full of passion, hope and far more humility than I would have imagined.

It is also the first bestselling book for a while to quote the seven principles of co-operative identity, and associated co-operative values, that form the Statement of Co-operative Identity of the International Co-operative Alliance.

The principles are the open source coding for democratic enterprise that has evolved and been tested in organisations dating back to the 1844 Rochdale Pioneers (they had an additional one, though, not to forget, which was political and religious neutrality).

First the values. Co-operative values, he says “sound a bit airy-fairy but these ideas would’ve prevented me squirrelling away the donated offcuts of well meaning celebrities for some imagined reason.”

And then, this is what Russell Brand (UK comic, actor, bohemian ...more

Posted By Social Edge
On 26 December 2014 - 10:38pm

In the foothills of the Mbaracayu Forest Reserve in eastern Paraguay lies the city of Curuguaty, population 75,000. Celia Alfonzo, a resident of the city, is a hard-working woman who was able to improve her family’s living conditions using an approach called the Poverty Stoplight.

Celia was chosen by fellow members of her village banking group to enter Fundación Paraguaya’s “My Bathroom, My Kitchen, My Pride” competition and transform her kitchen. Celia used to cook on her dirt floor, but with the encouragement and assistance of her village bank she built a new, roofed kitchen area with an elevated stove. In the process she built up her own self-pride as well. She now cooks without the risk of contamination from the floor or from domestic animals walking around, with enough ventilation and free from smoke.

Poverty ...more

Posted By Social Edge
On 26 December 2014 - 9:57pm

A Case for Multi-Sectoral Collaboration and Country Ownership

Public-private partnerships have proven to be successful models for achieving global health and development targets. As UN member states stand poised to adopt the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), multi-sectoral collaborations among corporations, governments, donors and civil society will play a major role in advancing the Post-2015 Agenda. Indeed, country ownership has been identified as a critical component of successful, sustainable programs. But does it really make a difference? The answer, quite simply, is yes.

Information and Communication Technologies for Saving One Million Lives (ICT4SOML) is a multi-sectoral collaboration to dramatically reduce child and maternal mortality in Nigeria. It is a great example of what can be realized ...more

Posted By Social Edge
On 26 December 2014 - 8:37pm

There is a space for healing in Pittsburgh called Manchester Bidwell that is not a hospital. It offers hope to those who enter, but it is not a place of worship. It is a monument to the power of the human spirit to rise above adversity but, unlike a statue, it plays an active role in the community.

By definition, it is a school. In practice, it offers powerful medicine in the fight against the spiritual cancer—the hopelessness and ennui—killing society. One place does all this and more.

Gestalt is the keyword. The school offers small class sizes, teacher/mentors who know the students’ first names, a receptionist who smiles cheerfully and greets people warmly as they enter, large windows streaming light onto handcrafted quilts, and beautiful music echoing through the halls. ...more

Posted By Social Edge
On 26 December 2014 - 7:48pm

Many in the international development community focus on the education of women and girls, sometimes to the exclusion of educating men. While I believe it is vital to educate women and girls, I also believe it is a mistake to leave men out of the process.

My father was a successful businessman, well respected in the community. Though he was illiterate, he insisted that his children attend school. As the eldest child, I began learning to read at a local mosque. Soon, I was attending school.

I loved learning. After high school, I had the opportunity to attend a university in the United States, and my father was my biggest supporter. Though he was not what most people would think of as “educated”, he was knowledgeable, wise, very open-minded, and a just and ...more

On 26 December 2014 - 5:05pm

waiting-410328_640These were my notes from a recent talk by prolific author, John Ortberg. I hope you enjoy.

Continue to Wait!

Love, Pammie  Live and Give.


JohnOrtbergJohn Ortberg

Psalm 13:1-2

What do you do when you are waiting?

Waiting to get our bags from the luggage carousel
Waiting at a red light that won’t change
Waiting to get into school
Waiting ...more

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On 25 December 2014 - 9:00am

Season's Greetings ...more